Course Overview

Grab your Survival Pack at Base Camp check-in and stay alert! Move through a series of 5 distinctive Environments and 18 demanding Challenges, set in fully immersive terrain to test your mental and physical stamina. Utilizing the items in your Survival Pack, you will be scored based on how quickly and successfully you complete each Challenge. A top Bear Grylls Survival Score hangs in a balance! Remember: those who dare, win.

The Survival Pack

A water-resistant backpack, filled with the “Bear Essentials”. With no detailed instruction, each ordinary item in the pack will have a specific purpose along the course for you to interpret as needed.

The Environments

Think of these as survival scenarios. Each Environment encompasses a series of thematic physical elements that you must conquer to progress along the course.

The Challenges

You will complete 18 total challenges along your journey, featuring mental and physical tests that correspond to Bear’s core pillars of survival: Protection, Rescue, Water, and Food. 4 of these challenges are Mystery Challenges, to be unveiled soon…

Course Overview

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Key Stats

Course Elevation

Much like life, this course is full of ups and downs. Prepare yourself accordingly for the 988 feet in elevation gain. The first two miles will get your blood pumping with a few quick ascents and descents. Expend energy wisely as you climb the monster hill known as Mission Everest, a steep half-mile journey. The highest peak (max elevation 1,931 feet) will have you reaching great heights before bracing for the the trip down.


Base Camp Processing

Grab your BG Survival Pack and slide on your RFID band. Take a deep breath and get ready to roll.


Conditioning Camp

Loosen up your muscles and tighten your focus with functional fitness exercises brought to you by the world class trainers and coaches of UFC Gym.

Challenge 01

Hill Climb

Get to higher ground, and remain alert while navigating your descent.

Environment A

Post-Apocalyptic Highway

Focus and be aware of your surroundings as you make your way through this desolate road.

Challenge 02

Run for the Hills

Scramble up and over another hill as you make your way towards the remaining cluster of abandoned vehicles. Keep it moving.

Challenge 03

Mystery Challenge #1

Ready for anything? This will keep you on your toes. Remember, your BG Survival Score depends on your memory too.

Challenge 04 & 05

Spear Throw + Sandbagging

Pause and focus – a food source is in sight. How’s your aim? Hit the target to increase your BG Survival Score.

Environment B

Costa Rican Cave

Take shelter. Navigate the cave chamber with a belly crawl, and maintain your wits as you inch along this dark journey. Beware of rats!

Challenge 06

Crevasse Crossing

Time to cross. Utilize the ropes to your advantage. Lead with balance and core strength, your BG Survival Score depends on it!

Challenge 07

Mystery Challenge #2

Another curveball thrown your way. Be decisive and use your BG Survival Pack to assess and adapt.

Challenge 08

Dirty Armor

Exposure is dangerous for many reasons, cover up using nature’s protection.

Challenge 09

Mystery Challenge #3

Concentrate and use your instincts, as you come up to this roadblock.

Challenge 10

Dead Weight

A downed helicopter and an injured pilot. Drag the “pilot” to safety, away from the combustible aircraft.

Environment C

War Torn Village

Caught in the crosshairs of sniper fire, you must devise an escape route. Make up for lost time on your BG Survival Score and make a run for it!

Challenge 11

Escape Route

Exit the village and ensure you're well outta dodge by taking off for a .5 mile sprint.

Challenge 12

Instant Recall

Time to put that memory to the test. Remember what you saw or risk a hit on your Survival Score.

Challenge 13 & 14

Rubber Run + Hang Tough

Collect water in an unexpected vessel. Use your arms and core strength to Hang Tough.

Challenge 15


Burning muscles need fuel. Find the energy source and gulp it down. Failure to do so will affect your BG Survival Score.

Environment D

Mission Everest

Watch your step as you make this steep, heart-pumping climb and subsequent descent.

Challenge 16

Calm Under Pressure

Food for later. Steady your breath, pick a target and fire away. A bullseye here helps your BG Survival Score!

Environment E

Infested Swamp

Secure your BG Survival Pack as you swing across or wade through this creature quagmire.

Challenge 17

Mystery Challenge #4

You’re almost through! Hunker down and prepare to move quickly on this one.

Challenge 18

Light the Fire Within

Produce a flame using what you’ve got, and you’re golden!


Finish Festival

Bask in the glory of completing BGSC with music, food, survival how-to demos, and vendor booths. Plus check and compare your BG Survival Score!

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