Key information for participants and spectators attending on Saturday, April 28 + Sunday, April 29. 

Event Date & Times 

Saturday, April 28th- Challenge Day 1 (site hours 7:30am-6:30pm)

Sunday, April 29th- Challenge Day 2 (site hours 7:30am-4:00pm)

Event Location 

Blue Cloud Movie Ranch | Address: 20019 Blue Cloud Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91390

Read more about this epic venue here.

Brief Overview 

The Bear Grylls Survival Challenge will test the mental, physical, instinctual, self-reliance, and resourceful skills of participants in controlled, competitive survival situations. The definitive test for adventure aficionados, adrenaline junkies, and anyone wishing to test their limits, Challengers will mentally and physically conquer a Bear Grylls-curated, outdoor survival course. 

Review the COURSE: 4-miles, 18 Survival Challenges, 5 Survival Environments

Tools Provided: BG Survival Pack + BG Survival Score 

What should I wear?

We recommend trail running shoes (not your new ones -they will get dirty!) and lightweight apparel. Be comfortable and ready to move! You'll be running on surfaces including: loose dirt, gravel, compact dirt, cement, grass and brush. 

What should I bring?

Most importantly: Photo ID, Active Email Confirmation, Can-Do Attitude 

Other recommended items: change of clothes + shoes, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, inhaler (if applicable)

There will be a Bag Check prior to the start (see detail below), where you can store your belongings until after you finish. Leave your suitcase/duffel bag behind though, bags must be no larger than 20"x20"x5". 

We recommend storing your phone, keys, wallet, and a change of clothes/a towel if you wish as you will emerge dirty at the end. There will be hydration stations on course, and branded BGSC + Nalgene water bottles for purchase! 

We will have bags too should you decide last minute that you want to store something at Bag Check.  

Do not bring tools for your Survival Pack, we will equip you with everything you need!

The following are PROHIBITED items...DO NOT BRING THESE:    

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Outside Food or Beverages
  • Bags larger than 20”x20”x5”
  • Coolers
  • Weapons or firearms
  • Chains of any variety or kind
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal substances
  • Noisemakers
  • Confetti
  • Beach Balls or other inflatable items
  • Frisbees
  • Laser Pointers
  • Drones
  • Banners
  • Stick or poles
  • Skateboards or rollerblades
  • Non-ADA Defined Service Animals

Are spectators (family & friends) allowed?

Yes! If you're competing and want to bring along some support, we're all for it. If you're just a curious local who wants to see what this new event is about, you're welcome too! Spectators can attend for FREE. There will even be a special spectator area to give you a bird's eye view of the action – The Look Out! Spectators will need to take the shuttle from the designated participant parking lot ($10 parking fee) 3/4 mile from the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. The ranch is not accessible for walk-ups, you must ride the shuttle up the hill.

Please note that Ultimate Explorer ticket holders may purchase a VIP guest wristband for up to 2 guests. VIP guest wristbands are $20 (cash only) and should be purchased when you check in. This wristband will allow them access into the VIP lounge area. 

Parking Location & Directions 

For ALL Registered Participants & Spectators 

Lombardi Lot | Address: 29415 Bouquet Canyon Road Santa Clarita, CA 91390

No matter where you're coming from, you should head straight to the designated parking lot located 3/4 mile northeast of the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch on Bouquet Canyon Rd past Blue Cloud Rd. Enter coordinates to Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in your GPS (20019 Blue Cloud Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91390), and whichever direction you're coming from, there will be signage/staff directing you to the lot.

Parking Price & Instructions 

Parking is $10 - CASH ONLY! 

If you purchased a VIP ticket, parking is free when you show your VIP parking pass to the attendant.

If you registered as a team or are bringing some people along for the ride, please try to carpool! Better for the environment and easier to coordinate :) 

Absolutely no overnight parking. 


Once parked, you will board an event shuttle to take you to Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. The drive is less than 5 minutes, with shuttles running every 10-15 minutes. Plan accordingly. 

What time should I arrive on race day?

Plan to arrive to the Lombardi Lot 1.5-2 HOURS before your wave start time. 

Your visual guide to the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge

Your visual guide to the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge

Processing (Check-In Instructions)

Upon your shuttle's arrival at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, you'll be dropped outside of the Forward Operating Base (the official area for all check-in activities). You may only begin Processing at the Forward Operating Base when your wave is called - roughly 1.5 hours prior to the start of your wave. Pay attention to signage noting which wave is up. 

EX: Wave 1 @ 9am may begin Processing at 7:30am 

Here’s the breakdown (and timeline) for all Processing activities. Time per area varies based on when you arrive.  

  1. Initial Check-In (90-60 min out): First, you will check-in and confirm your registration with staff members (have photo ID & your Active email confirmation ready). Upon confirmation, you will receive your RFID band (for your Survival Score) - place this on your WRIST and don't lose it. You will also receive a sticker with a number that will be affixed to your Survival Pack. This number is tied to both your RFID chip and registration - essentially your BGSC Serial Number! 
  2. Gear Up (80-50 min out): This is *optional*! You will have the opportunity to purchase bonus items from Liberty Mountain’s premium adventure brands to include in your Survival Pack! 
  3. Bag Drop (75-45 min out): Once you've received your RFID wristband and corresponding sticker, head to Bag Check to drop off your personal belongings (no larger than 20"x20"x5") before embarking on the Challenge.
  4. UFC Gym Survival Prep (70-40 min out): Stop by this UFC Gym warm-up area to get your muscles loosened up with dynamic stretching and first-class instruction from UFC Gym coaches. Test your skills on other interactive displays that will help you during the challenges on course – knot tying, balance test, rope climb, fire starter testing, etc. Remember, dexterity is one of our Survival Metrics! 
  5. Survival Pack Assembly (30 min out): At 30 min before your wave start time, you MUST enter the Survival Pack Assembly tent located directly across from Mission Board (see map), where you will receive your Survival Pack. This is where your journey really begins. You will have approximately 10 minutes to assemble your pack with the pre-determined pack items. It is up to you to ensure each of the items makes it into your Survival Pack!
  6. Mission Brief (20 min out): Once you assemble your pack, you will move forward into the Mission Briefing Room. Here you will receive your official instructions and a reminder of rules on course. Listening here is crucial! 
  7. Start Area (10 min out): After your briefing, you will be led to the Start Area, where you will wait for a signal before officially beginning the course. 

To recap the order of Processing steps: 

Initial Check-In > Gear Up > Bag Drop > UFC Survival Prep > Survival Pack Assembly > Mission Brief > START 

Each of these areas is adjacent to one another, and with ample directional signage and staff to guide you, don’t worry about getting lost! 

Team Meeting Area 

Within the Forward Operating Base, all individuals will be able to meet their teams at a designated location to the right of check-in marked "Adventure Team Meet-Up". Other than this location, challengers are encouraged to meet their teams at the UFC Survival Prep area or at the Information Tent in the Finish Festival.

What should I do if I arrive before I can begin Processing? 

If you're super excited, a bit nervous, or just always early for your commitments, no sweat! You can still catch the shuttle to Blue Cloud from the parking lot when you arrive. 

However, instead of heading to Processing immediately, you should stretch your legs a bit. Enjoy the UFC Gym Survival Prep area (spectators can enjoy this area too!), wander through the Survival Store and Festival Village adjacent to check-in, and even enjoy a bite or beverage from one of our participating food trucks. Once your wave start time is 1.5 hours out, you may proceed to Processing. 

Will I see Bear Grylls? 

Bear will make a special appearance on both event days. We cannot guarantee that you will see him, but know that he’s rooting for you! There are no meet & greets. 

BG Survival Score

No matter your ticket type, you will receive a BG Survival Score! Please review the complete explanation and breakdown of the BG Survival Score here

Please note, if you are part of a team and you have team members cancel/drop out shortly before the event, your team score will be computed based on the team members present. (Change to previous rule that there must be 5 members to receive the team score). Every individual will also receive their own unique Survival Score. 

Setting Up Your BGSC Survival Score Profile

As a registered participant, you will receive an email from contact@sweatworks.net to create and update your Survival Score profile PRIOR to the event. You can check this profile link after the event to view your full Survival Score breakdown. 


Hydration/Water Stations 

We will have water stations on course as well as in the Finish Festival area. You will be allowed to bring your own water bottle with you on course if you so choose (no glass/24oz or less to ensure it fits in your pack). Don’t want extra materials weighing you down? We’ve got you covered. Spoiler alert: Your Survival Pack features a small cup to utilize at the water tanks on course. 


There are also bathrooms located and marked on course for Challengers to use if needed. There will also be public bathrooms within the Festival Area.

How long will it take? 

Your guess is as good as ours…kidding! However, as you know by now, this is our very first Bear Grylls Survival Challenge too, so BEAR with us on some of the unknowns. Based on our calculations for average challenge completion time, and taking the distance, elevation, and terrain into consideration, we estimate the course will take anywhere from 1 - 2.5 hours to complete. Just like the tortoise and the hare, your wit and general quickness are both crucial factors. 

Will I get wet?

Yes, a couple of Survival Challenges and one Survival Environment involve water. No swimming required! Just be prepared for your clothes and shoes to get wet…wet enough for you to want a change of clothes at the end. 

Will there be photographers on course? 

Yes, there will be event photographers on-course and throughout the Festival Village, capturing the event from start to finish throughout weekend. There will be a photo gallery available on our website (and social media channels) the week after the event. 

Additionally, several photographers on course will be stationed to capture you at a few key moments - including the finish! These photos will be tied to your RFID wristband/number and photos will be available for purchase after the event (more details coming soon!). 

You are welcome to bring a GoPro or other wearable device to memorialize your experience too! 

Can I walk?

Yes, while this is a timed event, you may certainly walk. Be strategic about how you use your hustle. You don’t want to burn out in the first 2 miles only to drag your dead legs for the remainder of the course. If sprinting up a hill is not your strong suit, go all out on that 100-yard sprint and then walk the hills. Know what works best for you and stick to your instincts. Be mindful of other Challengers and recognize that you must share trail and challenge space.

Can I skip a Survival Challenge?

Though we encourage you to give it your all, you can absolutely skip a challenge you do not feel mentally/emotionally comfortable with or cannot physically complete. No burpee punishments here! For the scored challenges, you simply will not receive the Survival Score points for challenges you skip. Skipping certain challenges may incur a time penalty. 

Can I go again?

While this isn’t Magic Mountain and getting back in-line is a bit more tedious than riding a roller-coaster, we will be accepting last minute entries or re-entries at the Forward Operating Base to the left of general check-in. Individuals will need to be able to pay on site, be over the age of 18, and be prepared to go into the wave of the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge’s choosing based on availability.

Spectator Viewing Area – The Look Out 

Guests will have the opportunity to watch the course from above via a unique, on-course viewing station AKA The Look Out. Anyone wishing to experience The Look Out must head to the Survival Store to fill out a waiver. After signing the waiver, guests may proceed to the viewing station by 

walking down the path in between the Mission Briefing Room Area and the Spanish Church, following the signs to the designated spot. 


How do I get my BG Survival Score?

After you finish, you can check your Survival Score in the Survival Store. That is not meant to be a tongue-twister, but hopefully it's a helpful reminder of where to go. Terminals will be available to enter your serial number (keep that sticker handy) and/or name to find your score. You will also be able to check your Survival Score profile to view your detailed results in the days after the event. 

UFC GYM Recovery Corner 

UFC GYM will host a full-body recovery experience for Challengers featuring three Normatech anti-gravity machines, two Cryotherapy machines (waiver required), massage tables, percussion therapy, and stretching mats. 

Showers / Changing Area

There are no public showers at Blue Cloud Move Ranch or in the Finish Festival area. Once you've caught your breath and checked out your score, head back over to Bag Check to pick-up your belongings. There will be a designated changing tent in the Festival Village for you to change in! 

Food & Drink 

As a Challenger, you will have immediate access to post-race snack and hydration provided inside the shade of the Spanish Church. 

A variety of food truck options will be available including coffee in the morning and various lunch options to suit all taste buds. All Food Trucks will be open by 10am until the end of the Festival on both Saturday and Sunday. The Beer Garden will also open at 10am and will host 4 of Wolf Creek Brewery’s finest house craft beers. Including the Howlin’ Hefeweizen, Desperado IPA, Golden Eagle, and Valencia Honey Wheat Ale. Red & white wine will also be available for purchase. Cash and credit card accepted on all Wolf Creek Beverages. 

Beer costs are as follows - $8/12 oz + $11/20 oz 

Food Truck List:

  • Thai Fusion Bistro
  • J’s Mini Donuts
  • BB Kyu
  • Baby’s Badass Burgers
  • Amazebowls
  • A ROCK’in Ice


Hoping to rep the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge after your journey is over? Stop by the Survival Store for BGSC-branded gear and a range of survival tools! Rock that t-shirt/hat/water bottle with pride long after the event is over.


There will be an ATM on-site near the entrance of the Festival Village. 

Lost & Found

All lost and found items will be turned into the Information Tent located in the Festival Village (next to the Beer Garden and across from the Survival Store/Official Merchandise). After 6:00pm on Sunday April 29th, all items will go to 12400 Wilshire Boulevard and be held by Sawyer Franz (sawyer.franz_ASMPLA@img.com) until May 5th, 2018 when they will be donated or given to the LA Police Department at 23740 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91355. (661) 255-1121.


As this is an outdoor venue, there are many uneven surfaces and few paved areas. There will be Accessible Restrooms located within the Festival. There will also be an Accessible Shuttle running from the venue to the Lombardi Parking Lot. If you are a spectator and require assistance, please email info@beargryllssurvivalchallenge.com for accommodation to see the event from a great, but easily accessible location. There is no accessible transportation or golf cart assistance once on site. 

Public Wi-Fi

There is no Public Wi-Fi at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. All sponsors or individuals needing internet will find that information and what is available to them in their sponsor guide.

Clothing and Gear Donation

All challengers and guests are encouraged to donate their shoes, clothes, or other unused items to the Donation Station in the Festival Village. Whether lightly used shoes, shirts, or even backpacks, all donations will all go to a home in need.

Will there be another event?

While this is the first event on the map, stay on the lookout for a second event in 2019!


Is this a one-day or two-day event?

BGSC takes place over two days, featuring the same course and distance on Saturday and Sunday. Choose whichever day suits best suits your schedule. You only need to commit to one day of the event.

How much are tickets & what’s included?

Click here to view ticket information and purchase tickets.

Can I sign up with a team?

Absolutely. Grab your friends and/or family, form a group of 5 to 15 people, and enjoy a 20% Adventure Team discount when you sign-up together. The discount is automatically applied to the Adventure Team prices you see on Active. You must designate a Team Captain to sign up your team on Active, with each additional person registering as a Team Member. 

TEAM CAPTAINS, please ensure your team members have registered online prior to your event day. They must each sign a participant waiver in order to compete.  

You will compete as individuals, but your final Survival Scores will be computed together and averaged for your team score. 

If you have a group of 16 or more, please send us an email at info@beargryllssurvivalchallenge.com for more information. 

Do you provide military/first responder discounts?

Yes (and thank you for your service!). As a member of the military or as a first responder, you may receive 20% off your ticket to BGSC. Email a photo of your military ID or first responder identification to info@beargryllssurvivalchallenge.com, and upon receipt, our team with provide you with the appropriate discount code. 

What if I want to increase my team size after I sign up?

As a Team Captain, if you decide after purchasing your Adventure Team ticket that you want to add members to your team, those additional members must purchase a SOLO MISSION ticket first (be sure it's for the same day/wave time). Send an email to info@beargryllssurvivalchallenge.com with their name(s) and they will be merged onto your team by a BGSC staff member so that you may all compete together. 

What if I want to change the day I'm competing on? 

If you decide after purchasing your ticket that you want to change which day you're racing, please send an email to info@beargryllssurvivalchallenge.com with your registration information, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. You have until Monday April 23 to make change requests and finalize your team rosters. 

What if I want a refund? 

You are subject to a 50% refund IF you send an email to the BGSC team (info@beargryllssurvivalchallenge.com) by March 27, 2018. 

What time does BGSC start?

You will start based on your wave time. When registering on Active, you must select a wave. Running 30 minutes apart, the first wave will start at 9am, with the last wave going out at 4pm. Once a wave is full (200 people maximum), it will no longer be available to select.

Does it matter which wave I select?

If competing as an individual, choose whichever wave works best for you, subject to availability. 

If you are competing as part of a team, you must select the same wave as your team members so you can start together. Check with your Team Captain to find out which wave your team is registered for. Once your Team Captain has registered, don't wait to sign-up as a Team Member, as wave times are subject to availability!


Where should I stay if I'm coming from out-of-town? 

Check out our list of recommended hotels in the area HERE (event discount rates available!)

What airports are closest to the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch? 

1) Hollywood Burbank Airport - Burbank (BUR): 35 min 

2) Los Angeles International Airport - Los Angeles (LAX): 60 min 

3) John Wayne Airport - Santa Ana (SNA): 85 min


Who is Bear Grylls?

Bear Grylls is globally recognized as the face of Survival. His hit adventure TV show Running Wild on NBC features world leaders, Academy-Award winning actors, and Hall of Fame athletes (President Barack Obama, Ben Stiller, Kate Winslet, Shaquille O’Neal, to name a few) who accompany Bear on incredible adventures all over the planet. No stranger to near-death experiences himself, Bear survived a parachute malfunction at 16,000 ft as a member of the elite SAS – shattering his back in three places. A mere eighteen months later at age 23, Bear climbed to the summit of Mount Everest. Now, in partnership with WME | IMG, Bear Grylls launches the sport of Survival in the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge.

What is the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge?

BGSC is an outdoor endurance competition, set to launch at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita, California on April 28 + 29, 2018. Participants will tackle a 4+ mile Survival course of Survival Environments & Survival Challenges. Along the way, they will strategically implement items from their Survival Pack (see description below) to complete a series of timed & scored challenges that test mental toughness, physical endurance, and their ability to think critically and act quickly.

Will Bear be there? 

Yes, Bear Grylls will make a special appearance at the first-ever Bear Grylls Survival Challenge! 

Should I participate?

Yes, of course you should. After all, you never know when you might find yourself in a real-life survival situation. All participants must be 18 or older. 

Do I need to be in good shape/train for this?

Of course being in decent shape will help overall but we encourage folks of all fitness level backgrounds to sign-up. Come as you are! Keep in mind, this is a 4+ mile race with some tests of physical strength alongside those of mental agility. If you have a hard time breathing whilst walking up stairs, you may want to train and get your cardio up. Fair warning: There are strenuous hills involved!

What is the Bear Grylls Survival Score?

The Bear Grylls Survival Score measures competitors on course in real-time via RFID technology. Points are accumulated based on overall completion time, along with pass/fail “gates” placed at the start and finish points of each challenge. Points are aggregated at the finish to produce a participant’s Survival Score.

What is the Bear Grylls Survival Pack?

Each participant receives a BG Survival Pack (backpack) at check-in, containing everyday items, mimicking products one may have in an unexpected survival situation. Participants’ mission is to utilize the items strategically as they come upon unexpected item usage scenarios along the course. The BG Survival Pack must be carried throughout the entire course.

What happens during the Finish Festival? 

The Finish Festival is where you can catch your breath, re-hash your favorite moments from the course, check your Survival Score, and enjoy a bevy of music, food trucks, and vendor booths. Be sure to stop by the Beer Garden and 

What makes this different from other endurance events?

  • Challenges on course are designed to test not just physical strength, but mental acuity as well, combined with measures of endurance, dexterity, focus and judgement. Challenges align not only with Bear’s priorities of survival (Protection, Rescue, Water, Food), but also our four core pillars of survival success- Mental, Physical, Instinctual, and Resourcefulness.
  • A unique venue in Blue Cloud Movie Ranch that fully immerses participants in survival environments, creating a wide array of scenarios that impact all five senses, at the highest levels of realism and intensity.
  • BG Survival Score
  • BG Survival Pack

Why is BGSC relevant in today’s world?

In today’s unpredictable, fast-paced world, there’s an accelerated need to prepare for all possible situations – natural disasters, global conflict, and everything in between. Everyone should be confident in their skills to appropriately conquer any Survival scenario – and there’s no better challenge than BGSC to put yourself to the test.

UFC GYM Santa Clarita
Echo Sigma Special Operations Warrior Foundation Backpacker Magazine
Official Survival Gear Partners
Gibbon Slacklines Cypher Nalgene OliCamp Gerber Pergrine OverBoard Silva White Marlow Ropes


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