We’ve got a saying at BGSC – The Sport is Survival and some games you can’t afford to lose. At BGSC, there’s no losers exactly, but you will know where you stand. Numbers don’t lie (although as Bear says: if you are alive, you are winning!).

The Bear Grylls Survival Score is a proprietary measurement tool, developed by Team BGSC, ranking how well you perform on the course in both speed and how WELL you complete each Survival Challenge. RFID technology will track and measure your performance throughout, weighting difficult challenges more heavily, while still computing speed and challenge success or failure. If speed isn’t your strong suit, perhaps your wit will make up for lost time. If you have a hard time thinking on your feet, you better make up for it with hustle!

Your final score will be a numbered result out of 100 (Bear Status!). How will you measure up? Stay tuned for more details on rankings!

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