We’ve got a saying at BGSC – The Sport is Survival and some games you can’t afford to lose. At BGSC, there’s no losers exactly, but you will know where you stand. Numbers don’t lie (although as Bear says: if you are alive, you are winning!).

Survival Goals 

To understand the Bear Grylls Survival Score, you must first know the essential goals of any given survival situation. 

Each of our BGSC Challenges were inspired by one of these four goals, and scored according to the skills involved in achieving each goal. 

What is a Bear Grylls Survival Score? 

  • The Bear Grylls Survival Score is a proprietary measurement tool, ranking how well you perform on the course in both Survival Challenge success and overall speed. 
  • RFID technology will track and measure your performance throughout the course
  • Your final score will be a numbered result out of 100 (Bear Status!)
    • 65 possible Survival Metrics points + 35 possible Survival Speed points 
  • Solo Mission and Ultimate Explorer participants will receive an individual Survival Score. 
  • Adventure Team members will receive both an Individual Survival Score and a Team Survival Score based on averaging individual scores. 

How will you measure up? 


Every scored challenge is graded and assigned points based on four key metrics:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Dexterity
  • Decision-Making 

The point distribution per metric varies based on skills tested at each individual Survival Challenge. 

Metrics are scored for the 18 Survival Challenges and aggregated upon course completion for an overall Survival Metrics Score, which accounts for 65 potential points of the total score. 

In your final Survival Score report, you'll see your Survival Metric Breakdown, which will display the points you accumulated per metric versus the maximum potential points for each metric. 


To keep it simple, if you pass a Survival Challenge, you get the points. If you fail a Survival Challenge, you don't get the points. 

How Do You Know If You Pass or Fail?

Course marshals will be present at each challenge to help guide you, and your RFID tracker (given to you upon check-in) will track whether you go through a PASS or FAIL gate at the end of each challenge. 


Just like in real-life survival situations, time is of the essence! 

With 35 total potential points for speed, overall timing will begin at the start mat and end at the finish mat (RFID will capture when you cross). 

During the week before the event, we will conduct testing to determine optimal, average, and below average completion time ranges. We will then assign point totals based on these blocks of time. 

If speed isn’t your strong suit, perhaps your wit will make up for lost time. If you have a hard time thinking on your feet, you better make up for it with hustle!

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